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Zirkon Workflow Set

Five steps to the finished restoration

The zirconia workflow set covers everything, from working on pre-sintered zirconia to high-shine polishing, in one set.

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KERA - Ceramic cutters

For acrylics and green compacts of zirconium oxide

The new Generation of cutters made of white ceramic captivates through the typical and advantageous properties of this high-performance ceramic. The series comprises eight different ceramic cutters in the well-established cut designs“X” and “GQSR”..

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Gentle treatment without distressing the patient is desirable when producing dental preparations.

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ZIRAMANT instruments

Zirconium dioxide or for short zirconium oxide is rapidly developing to a trend material. We added the new ZIRAMANT instruments for use in the dental practice to our range of diamond instruments

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1SXM Excavating bur

Preserving as much healthy tooth substance as possible when repairing minor carious defects is the most important objective in modern dental care.  This is only possible if the instruments used permit a gentle mode of operation without causing discomfort to the patient.  The 1SXM carbide bur from BUSCH is such an instrument.

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Longlife PERIO PRO

Cleaning and smoothening the root surface

Cleaning and smoothening the root surface is an essential objective of prophylactic and periodontal treatment. Our LongLife PERIO PRO range has been developed for this purpose.

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Crown cutters

Efficient working on different frame material by the cutting of crowns and bridges puts highest demands on the material and the cuts of rotary instruments.

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164 LA Bone cutter

Better overview during surgical operations

Our bone cutter 164LA of durable, finest-grain carbide material meets with the requirements of modern oral surgery for minimal invasive, substance-maintaining treatment.

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SHORTIES and MIDIS are in the dental technique, that synonym for high quality and low costs.

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Left-handed carbide cutters

With these cutters the user can work with the left hand in anti-clockwise rotation towards the body.

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Working on acrylics and plaster

Working on acrylics and plaster in dental laboratories can be a laborious and time-consuming task when using unsuitable instruments.  The quality of the materials may suffer, for instance due to overheating of acrylics.  This is effectively prevented with the diamond instruments in the DiaTWISTER range.

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911PS saw-cut

Saw-cut models are easily produced in plaster of all classes with the diamond-coated and perforated circular saw 911 PS.

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Steri-Safe wave


The new bur block 5773 with the convincing innovative advantages for safety and hygiene.
and offers place for 14 FG and 12 WST instruments.

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